Rod Treme Announces His Retirement

After 42 years of ministry, Rod Treme, owner and bass vocalist for Paul’s Journey, has announced that he will be retiring from full-time ministry at the end of 2019.
Along with his personal retirement, the group will be retiring as well.

Rod says, “We’ve had a great run! We’ve had the awesome privilege to serve God all these many years all across this country and other countries around the world! We have sung on some of the biggest stages in Gospel music and have received many awards through the years and for all of that, I am truly thankful. But even more important to me is that we have literally seen thousands of people ask Jesus into their hearts down through the years and for that, I am truly honored and grateful that God would allow us to serve Him in this capacity all these many years!”

The group still has some dates available through December 2019 but will not be scheduling anything past 2019.



Posted by Paul's Journey on Tuesday, March 5, 2019